Awazu Onsen Hoshi Ryokan

Since 718

Hoshi has evolved through the centuries. Hoshi offers a hundred rooms and can accommodate up to 450 guests. The tea ceremony, a characteristic of the traditional Japanese welcome, is held upon the arrival of each guest.


Hospitality passed down by forty-six generations of owners.

Each guest is given a “yukata,” a traditional Japanese cotton kimono, which encourages a relaxing, stress-free stay. Hoshi fulfills the wishes of its guests by respecting the traditions of historical Japanese hospitality, passed down by forty-six generations of owners.


Open-air baths and ”Kaiseki” meal

After unwinding in open-air baths surrounded by nature, you return to your luxurious ”kaiseki” meal, a sumptuous feast made from local Hokuriku seafood and mountain vegetables.
We sincerely hope you experience the REAL JAPAN!

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Welcome to Hoshi Ryokan

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Hoshi Ryokan
Awazu Onsen, Komatsu City, Ishikawa, 923-0326 Japan
TEL 0761-65-1112
FAX 0761-65-1115
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