Japanese Style 3-story building
21 Japanese-style rooms
6 tatami, 7.5 tatami, 8 tatami, 10 tatami
Accommodation fee
Price per person
6,264 yen – 14,580 yen(Tax included)
* The listed price is for adults. The accommodation fee will vary based on the room type, meal options, number of guests, weekday or weekend.
* If you are bringing a child under 12 years old, please let us know in advance.

Child Rate

4 years to 12 years 70% of Adult Meals are the same as adult.
* If the child doesn’t require a separate bed or meals: a child 3 years old or under is free of charge; a child 4 years old or over will pay 1620 yen as a facilities fee.
A child over 12 will pay the adult fee.
Check in time:
After 14:00
Check out time:
Before 11:00
Dinner Served in the guest room privately
Breakfast Served in the dinning hall.(7:00~10:00)
Bath hours 6:30~10:00 and 15:00~24:00
* Large public baths for men and women (herbal bath water)

15 parking spaces (free)

Internet access in the building.
We currently don’t accept credit cards. Please make your payment in cash when you check out.
We will be glad to hold your luggage before and after. Please ask. (free)
Nakayasu Ryokan
1-10-31 Owari-cho, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa, 920-0902 Japan
TEL 076-231-3128
FAX 076-232-3250